Why is my login being an epic fail?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by butkicker402, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. I originally came from SMP3 to play. I got a resident and stuff on their and now it wont let me login to the 3rd server. It says there is not enough free slots so i checked how many people were on. It says there are no free slots and it says there are 55/60. Even though it says its not full it tells me when i try to join that there are no empty free slots. So i tried to play on the 4th server and i tried to make a residence and it wont let me since i made a res on the 3rd server. can someon fix this login issue and if you cant... delete my res on SMP3 and transfer my stuff to SMP2 since it says that you can transer thing to a different server. THANKS FOR READING THIS.
  2. When a player disconnects, either on purpose or by accident, they are given a small window of opportunity to reclaim their slot they were playing on. So, it may say 55/60 but for a little bit those slots or held for the ones that just left, until the time limit is reached. I can't remember just how long that is, at the moment.
  3. Thanks but I still can't get on so im playing on another empireminecraft server. I can't make another res since i have one on the 3rd server
  4. You may upgrade and become a supporter for a guaranteed slot. Unfortunately, EMC has only enough hardware capability to allow a set number of free slots. When you support, you are giving more money to be able to upgrade the hardware to allow a guaranteed slot for you in every server. This means that no matter what time you want to log in to a server, you will have that capability. You can look over all of the Supporter Upgrades to find one that may fit your needs at http://empireminecraft.com/upgrade/ . Supporting is not for everyone, and by no means is a supporter any different than a regular member in being respected or known, but it does give EMC the ability financially to give you what they can in regards to an always-accessible login to any server. If you decide not to upgrade, you may want to check with an administrator for Peak Playing Times so that you may avoid trying to log in during those specified times. Weekdays during the day would probably be your best bet.

    I hope this informs you of what you were looking for. If you ever need anything, don't hesitate to message me and ask.