Why is Marlix so weird?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Spyrovsgnorg, Apr 25, 2014.

  1. I have encountered marlix 4-5 times in the wild but twice I have tried to kill him he despawns within 15 minutes why is it?
  2. They shouldnt des pawn like that unless they have actually been for there a loongntime
  3. This is a marlix bug having to do with it taking to much damage this has happened close to 10 times to male, it is because you hit the bat and it stands up (when "marlix skeleton" stands up it dies) or the marlix touched water/cactus (or something that can give it damage by nature)
  4. Oh ok will they fix the bug
  5. It cant be fixed, the bat has way to little health in mc there for resistons 1mil and regime wont help it...
  6. I don't think he despawns he just flys away. You see Marlix is a skeleton on an invisible bat, he can't control the bat so the bat just flys away and you must find him again. It always happens to be when I fight him.
  7. he does indeed despawn like any other mob, when the bat despawns so does the skeleton when the skeleton despawns the bat does too.But most of the time the bat takes to much damage and dies there for the skeleton despawns...
  8. At the Outpost of Calpol we have fought almost ten Marlix, when you see the message you have to locate it straight away and slay it. We usually kill it in the first three minutes or so, as it is very much known to fly away. It flies around a lot if you are not near it too, ultimately despawning pretty quickly.

    If you run to find it and start attacking it as soon as you see that message, most of your attempts should work smoothly :) Marlix is easy to defeat himself, but the whole flying and his defense (Enraged Skeletons) are the tougher parts of the show-down.