Why I HATE the internet I'm conntected to

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by kyllingman2, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. So yeah, I'm on holiday, and I use the internet the hotel provides and it really sucks.

    It's really really really slow.
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  2. Yeah mine is a little bit down today to. I use to get around 10mbs higher on the download speed

  3. i want your internet!!!!
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  4. He's internet is like 7 times faster than mine is home lol...
  5. 10x of me :(
  6. :( (look at my connection right now i am on vacation).

  7. I actually hate you a little bit!

  8. Ehh, mine is semi-decent.
  9. I got same as Squizzel :D
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  10. I am actually talking to my dad how bad our internet is xD
  11. Haha :) I hope that the lagg in MC will be gone soon, otherwise my fast net speed wont help :p
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  13. oh i already know that my download is only 640kbps at max and upload is same and i only get like 150kbps on average I HATE DSL and CENTURY LINK auuugggghhhh why does internet have to be so much here?!?
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