why don't maps work?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by brandop123, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. i just made my first ever map and it doesnt work.why is this?
  2. what's wrong with it?
  3. In my opinion , maps in EMC are relatively useless, on the site you have live map which is 10x more detailed. Correct me if there are other uses for it, i just don't see the point :)
  4. Live map is more detailed. Maps are a kinda a waste of time. But to answer why your map isn't working it may be:

    a. You made it in another world (like the nether) and brought it over to a different world (like wilderness) to fill it in.
    You must make a map in the world you're planning to use it in.

    b. There may be a server bug on EMC for maps so they don't work on EMC.

    c. Your map may be secretly alive and just trying to make you mad by not working.:p

    Hope this helps!:D
  5. i would use live map but i use a loptop so it gets laggy fast.
  6. Where were you when you made the map? The moment maps are created (when you take them out of the crafting table) then where you are should become the centre of the map. Note that maps are only 1024x1024 blocks, so not massive.

    Once you are off your map they are useless. , but could be useful for navigating through routes you have already found. The trick is to create them at the centre of the route you want to have a guide for (so take the mats and the crafting table with you).
  7. oh would it matter that i made off the ground?
  8. If you made your map in town then went to the wilderness to use it , it would have no effect, the map simply wouldn't work.
  9. Also my mini map dont work :(
  10. i made it in wild.