why doesnt this piston door work on EMC?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Michael_Nolan, Dec 21, 2012.

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  2. Use non-falling blocks like sandstone
  3. The sand may be the problem, perhaps try replacing the sand with a non gravity block and use a sticky piston instead of a normal piston. Might I just ask though what exactly isn't working in your design?
    Otherwise make sure all the timing are correct and the redstone signal isn't being blocked anywhere.
    Oh and another thing perhaps leave a 1 air block thick sort of coating around the redstone where you have it hidden away underground or whatever, this means that the signal doesn't break through powering the dirt blocks in your residence to ruin the redstone signal.
  4. that was a sticky piston... it needs to ba s aticky piston. btw i dont think it's the sand cus ive used the sticky sand trick fot one of my preveous stone generators.
  5. found it out it is the sand it needs to be sand or gravity but for some reason it doesnt work on EMC i put the design into single player and it worked something is odd
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  6. I haven't looked into this at all (I just read through the comments), but it seems like it may have something to do with measures justin put in place to stop sand duping. Just a shot in the dark. Hope you get it working :)
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  7. I like Michael's post cause cats are cute :)
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  8. Use gravel.
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  9. Yeah use gravel. Aikar coded it so that it would work. You would also use dragon eggs :)
  10. Ah so Aikar coded out sand generators? Is that the reason why this won't work?
  11. To stop sand gens. Sand no longer (On EMC) works with pistons, use gravel or dragon eggs :)
  12. Ah I see, now how's about stopping Dragon Egg dupes? Oh wait... Aikar WANTS to ruin the economy, that's why he's left that as something you can do :p
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  13. Just remembered that dragon egg's when pushed by a piston drop xD And it needs to be a solid block, im guessing for a redstone current to pass through.
  14. Ah so when a piston interacts with a dragon egg, the dragon egg reacts in the same way as a pumpkin?
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  15. Yeppers! Its the only way to get a dragon egg from the End because you cant mine Bedrock (As you know ;)) or you hit it but risk losing it
  16. Or you can put a torch under it...
  17. Can you mine bedrock? No, so how do you place a torch?
  18. You hit the egg making it teleport over endstone... I think you can work it out from there ;)
  19. But, what it falls off the world? Or you lose it?