Why doesn't Supporter Activate Instantly After You Pay?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Element_Of_Power, May 31, 2012.

  1. I have just paid for diamond supporter membership and it has been one night and it hasn't been given to me. Can someone tell me why?
  2. I am a diamond on the website but not in the game
  3. Main server is having trouble authenticating, I'm guessing.
  4. I would PM IceCreamCow - have him check up on it.

    Im sure this will be highprio stuff if its not working.

    Normally takes very few minutes.
  5. Tried relogging?
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  6. yes 1000000 times i have tried relogging
  7. how do i do that?
  8. if you dont know how to PM a mod on EMC you shouldnt be a diamond supporter , play EMC
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  10. Ok thanks i will
  11. Hope to problem get resolved.
  12. thats horrible!!!!
    but like everyone else said, if you PM a mod or admin it should be solved in a jiffy ;)
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  13. Thanks for all your help.
  14. Np
  15. Ouch. Glad I waited the extra day to get my gold. :) I really hope you get the days you are owed added to your account.