Why does Utopia have more lag than the other servers?

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  1. I've just sat on Utopia and watch a stream of mobs on a mobavator glitch back and forth with lag for the last ten minutes. Trying to dig dirt was a nightmare as there was block lag every four or five blocks dug.

    Compare it to any SMP with double the number of players on, which I just have, and mobs in a mobavator move fine and there is no block lag.

    Has the Utopia server now been surpassed by the other SMP servers in terms of hardware etc, or is someone on Utopia ripping the arse out of a grinder and sucking up all the resources causing the server to struggle?

    Right now, being a Supporter on Utopia, it would appear you're worse off than a non-Supporter on a quiet server.
    Certainly from my point of view anyway.
  2. Yep. Its all grinders :)
  3. Nah I think its ICC and his blasted TNT! :mad:
  4. Well if it is grinders being allowed to build up, then once again it needs to be looked at, because it's now degrading gameplay for other people.
  5. To my knowledge, being far away from 10000000000 zombies won't make you lag.
  6. I'm looking at it from the possibility that if there's a grinder stacked up with mobs somewhere, that's it's draining the servers resources thus causing the block and mob glitching. The word lag may not be appropriate. :confused:
  7. Ooh. No idea then. Lol.
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  9. I'm pretty sure it was due to our TNT... TNT causes memory leaks, and justin will need to restart it.
  10. Told y'all
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  11. Its not degrading gameplay for many people because like said before, we haven't had more than 10 players as far as Ive been here on Utopia at a time. I think we should half the player count to 30, because its a miracle if it ever gets that high.
  12. Uhm, It doesnt hurt to have a high player count... The value is set as it is incase that many people want to join utopia....
  13. *every supporter joins utopia all at once*