Why Do You Like Minecraft?

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  1. So I was thinking about what makes people enjoy minecraft soo much (Not like I don't)
    and I want to know people's opinion.

    Please If you read this post it will take the same time to write why you like it as to reading this post :)

    Hope you post what you think,

    If you read this then Hey I like minecraft because of the Building and the community .
  2. I like minecraft because of the building, fighting mobs, survival and collecting resources, mining, exploring,...
    Basically minecraft is perfect.
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  3. Minecraft is amazing in many many ways.
    I love the digital lego with zombies feel. Build whatever you want, interact with your creations, fight monsters, tame animals, collect weapons... EVERYTHING can be destroyed, altered, utilized. This is all with Vanilla Minecraft. Start adding in mods and you expand the wonder and exploration of the game infinitely. You can pop in for 20 minutes or 20 hours and thoroughly enjoy yourself.
    Before EMC, the SMP world was a nightmare to me. I stepped into 3 seperate worlds prior to EMC and found myself wanting more and hating everything that is PVP in Minecraft. EMC is my second home. I can come here and know that I will find friendly, creative, communicative members who share a common interest and diverse backgrounds.
    I will be a part of EMC and Minecraft for many more years to come. I love how this has helped me to defeat the deepest depressions I have suffered. I would most likely be alone and possibly dead if I hadn't found both Minecraft and later EMC when I did... It has been my own therapy in these difficult times I have overcome. :)
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  4. What i love most about minecraft is how you can unleash your imagination, from simple holes in the ground to huge elaborate castle's. New things are being thought up and added all the time which only add to the possibilities.
    You can spend your time with a nice relaxed building session or an adrenaline filled run through a mob infested cave.
    And to top it all off you can do all this with your friends and family or a random minecrafter you happen across on your travels.
  5. I love minecraft because i love lego, i love to make whatever i want with tons of different matterials, and also to make it even better you can adventure if you want!
    The best part of it is doing it multiplayer with other friends :)
    (specially if it's at the EMC servers :p)
  6. "Wake up on a forsaken island, start punshing trees with your fist"

    No I agree with FooHundred and want to add I like how you build your home as special as you can afford to and then just improve it over and over. Also the intellectual challenges such as redstone. Minecraft create 12 year old explaining what a T-FlipFlop is and how to realise it with those limited rescources we have. I mean seriously he could have answered a question from my first semesters exams at university with what he said in that guide :D

    Great Game! Great Server! Great Community! :cool:

    Greets Hasorko
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  7. well, at first, i didnt really think Minecraft was good. Because i joined around MW2 on xbox360 and ps3 so, the graphics put me off, a bit. Then i got into it, way into it, started making stuff, building cars, ships castles, then i realized the graphics is what make Minecraft unique! I loved it how u had to really survive! with the only unrealistic part is breaking everything with fists!! But that was sooo cooL!L
    So Minecraft is a god of games, addicting, amazing game!!
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  8. You are free to explore and do anything you want in game