Why do you like EMC?

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  1. Why do you like EMC?
  2. I remember the first time I logged in, I followed the tutorial and promptly claimed a residence once I finished. I realized that my newly claimed residence was halfway across the map from my friend's, so I unclaimed it. I couldn't claim a new one right away, so I asked ISMOOCH if he could reset the 24hr timer. He asked Jeremy to get on, and like 30 seconds later I was talking to an admin about getting another lot. Pretty good experience for the first time on a huge server : )
  3. Because it is AWESOME :D:D:D:D:D
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  4. [Self Boost Post] All positive posts regarding experiences with me will receive a "Like" to their post. (See example above!) :p
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  5. When I first joined EMC all those months ago, the day I bought Minecraft, This server taught me everything I know, I'm now a redstone engineer! :D Everything I've ever built was here, except my little bunker I made in SSP with TMI so it didn't count. I love that everyone is friendly and the Rupees system and the Mods and Admins are the best! I Live, Love, Laugh EMC. ;)
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  6. Umm. Cause there's this guy called GameKribJEREMY...
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  7. Because the admin/mods haven't banned me yet.
  8. emc was the first multiplayer minecraft server I tried, I had played single player for a few months before and never had installed a mod. the empire guide was really helpful and for the first couple of weeks i had it open in a tab while i played. a few weeks ago I tried another server, it was at the top of the list on one of those list sites. i did the tutorial and got whitelisted, then quit - it was far too complicated with a billion mods installed and there was a wiki for documentation that was basically a list of red links.

    i'd say i like emc because it's simple, well documented and all the mods installed work well together. the rules and the no pvp are a big plus too. i suppose the admins are sort of ok. ;P
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  9. I've been here for what, a week, maybe, but I've found several reasons I like this place. I won't list names, bit in the short time I've played on Minecraft I've tried plenty of servers out there, from small the epic, but most of them were not so good. Some focused purely on PVP, insisted on it, encouraging you to try to build hidden strongholds so you could never really build anything. While others would haphazardly give anyone creative mode and yo can probably tell where that leads. Some would throw you out there with nothing, the admins and mods giving no set rules, aside from whatever they felt like at the moment and they never seemed to be of any help to anyone.

    EMC, on the other hand, has been rather epic to me. First off, there are a solid set of ground rules, and even a little interactive tutorial to expose you to some server information, along with the Empire Guide. I can build almost anything I want on a massive plot of protected land, or even build out in the wilds with some security, though maybe not 100% due to some people, but not because of any failing on the staff's part. Perks and rewards seem fairly balanced, people aren't randomly being given like 20 stacks of diamonds because of some connection they brag about with a staffer, folks have to earn what they get, through server perks or actually go out and get it, themselves. And best off all, the staff here is active, not just on the servers, but the forums as well and the few problems I have had were listened to and acted upon promptly, not by someone acting high and mighty and not really listening.

    Alright, I've rambled and ranted long enough. Thanks to the folks of EMC, keep up the good work. Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease...
  10. This was the first MUltiplayer server i played on, so it was cool, i went nuts over the lots, and rupees, i got more into it and now im addicted, i remember this time like my 4th day i talked to gamekrib AND justinguy, got so jelly ;)
  11. EMC isn't the best server out there, it falls short on a few things which could enhance the players experience.

    It is, however, by far the most stable, reliable and dependable server out there.


  12. Best for me. :D
  13. Firs MC server I played...I joined around the time EMC started, and have yet to try another server yet....best staff team and admins I have EVER seen on any server or site/forums!
  14. What i love is that everybody gets their own plot. all fully protected. I hate those servers where each house gets griefed -_- But i love this :D
  15. I will write this like I am a player that stumbled upon EMC:

    What I like about EMC is that it is stable. I don't have to worry about random resets and losing everything I worked for. I don't have to worry about 500 different plugins changing daily. I don't have to worry about long periods of downtime.
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  16. Amen to that. Ran into that on the last server I played on.