Why, do we need sapping to start?

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  1. We need WOOD. Logs or planks is all we need, NOT something thats going tot ake forever jsut to get.
  2. *going to take
  3. If you need wood immediately, you can buy it from many player shops, or gather it from the wild for free. We simply give you the basics needed to begin your life in empire, this is a survival server after all, not creative. :)
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  4. Have you been to the wilderness? I have seen no trees and the store that sells wood HAS no more wood.
  5. You can use /store

    The reason we have saplings is so that when you get the wood you need, you'll get more saplings from the trees. If we just gave you a little wood, you'd be out when it was all used. :)
  6. Sapplings are always useful. They are an unlimited source of wood really. My group almost never purchases wood because one of our lots is only trees. We have all the wood we need :D
  7. Teach a man to fish.....
  8. I'm good now.
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