Why do my conversations with mods/admins stay unanswered?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Eclipsys, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. I've posted a few conversations with mods n admins, but after a week or so, i still havent received any answer, while the mods and admins are online on the site?

    Whats up? =p

  2. I apologize eclipses, what would you like to know/what do you need?
  3. Well, it was a question about getting Schematics for MCedit of my res and the one from TheOlburgen and SpineshankKira, since TheOlburgen has started on another server and isnt comming back, and ive got a truly hard time logging in. I'd hate all my work to go lost when my res will be reset due to staying offline longer then 10days
  4. Sorry, I noticed you sent this yesterday and only Justin would for sure be able to answer if that is possible for you. I'm sure he'll get to you soon. He's working day and night right now on programming things getting ready for the SMP3 launch.
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  5. 10 days should be certainly long enough for you to log in at least once, even if it is just to reset the 10 day count. If you know you will be gone for a longer period then 10 days, you can let us know and we'll do our best to retain your residence intact until you get back. If TheOlburgen has been using an alternate server for longer then 10 days his res maybe reset already sorry.
  6. I just checked and TheOlburgen is still there. He has 5 days to log in at least once to reset the 10 day count. A good tip, is ANY server login counts...so if you can't get into an SMP, going into the Utopia server will reset the count as well. :)
  7. His res hasnt reset Yet, but im affraid it will happen soon. And i dont know about spines residence. My own residence (have you seen it?) Is huge, and took me alot of work. Id like to use it in a SP project which im already working on.

    And there were other conversations with Justin that ive started way back, and still havent been answered. Dont get me wrong, i know hes busy trying to get the EMC Server to become the best!

    I'll try to log in today, to get myself a new 10days timewindow :)

  8. Yeah, im still trying to figure out that PayPal payments for at least Gold supporter. But its really giving me a headache =p
  9. Sorry I didn't answer you yet, I honestly get too many messages to keep up with.

    Next time I download the world for Town I can see about opening it in MCEdit to make a schematic. The problem is that Town is over 1gig and even opening it in MCEdit takes forever, so no promises :)

    Also you can connect to utopia.EmpireMinecraft.com at any time and that counts as connecting to a EMC server and resets the 10 days :)
  10. I seem to have the same problem :/ I have the money on the account, but it won't accept it. It just keeps asking for a bloody credit card :(
  11. Sorry to hear this, you can try to contact PayPal's customer service to see what the problem is, they are usually pretty good about answering. Sorry we have to rely on PayPal, we just aren't "big enough" and dont have the resources to do all of our billing :(
  12. Thx for the quick response. Paypal normally does work. I just find it very odd it doesn't work now :s
    If anything I should be sorry that I can't support you guys, yet I'm willing :(

    Edit: I tried again...
    Correct me if I'm wrong but, could it be because it charges every month that paypal asks for a credit card? So if the account doesn't have the currency it charges the credit card?
  13. The last server i was on, gave the players the opportunity that the map would be downloadable from Megaupload for two weeks. Is that maybe a solution?
  14. My guess is that our map would be to large to fit on MegaUpload (or any download site). Justin would know for sure though.
  15. Although I dont know for sure, but one of my friends used to play on a server, and they somehow put up their world file somewhere, it was a massive map that was 900 something mb's! So it may or may not be possible :)
  16. The map of that server was 1.5GB, i checked with the former admin (the server has been closed) He says RapidShare is a good filehosting site on which to upload those big files.
  17. Thanks we will consider something like this, I am not sure how the rest of the community would feel about letting people download and import what they have created in other MC servers :)
  18. Well if it was for personal use I don't see why not, but if it is only going to be put onto another server I actually dont think it would be a good idea :)
  19. Or only for peeps that specifically ask for their Residences in SP for projects, like i do =p. Coz my res turned out great =p And i want to use it for a huge flying castle :D
  20. Oh I see, well then in that case maybe Justin if he was not up to the job, could appoint someone to fill these sorts of requests and "mark out" the desired area. So your res would be marked out, and then able to be uploaded to any filesharing website.

    On the other hand, I did see a mod on 1.8 where you can download a servers map. I tried it once, but it takes ages, and I realised that it downloads the map you are on according to your postion, so what you'd want to do is stand in the middle of your res and turn it on for a little bit and there we go :)

    OH it also saves the file to your single player lists.

    Hope this helps you a bit :)