Why do Marlix run away?

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  1. Is there a problem with mob behavior? As Marlix is a mini-boss, shouldn't Marlix be attacking players instead of running away?
  2. People have been having this. Give us your wisdom, aikar.
  3. Because they are wussies.
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  4. Marlaix is riding a invincuble bat, and the bat flys away from you.
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  5. This. Marlix doesn't have any control over where it goes. If you've ever been near a bat you'll know they fly away from players. Well the easiest way to give Marlix a flying AI was to make him ride an invincible and invisible bat, which he does. Part of this is that his moment is also controlled by one :/
  6. As ethy said, the marlix flies because it is actually riding an invisible, invincible bat. The marlix has no control whatsoever of where it goes, and bats just fly randomly.
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  7. instead he should ride a invisible horse?
  8. Horses don't fly, do they?
  9. Then he wouldn't be able to fly, and if you had a sharpness 100 hay bale, he would be super easy to kill.
    Along with most everything else.
  10. sharpness 100 hay bale umm I think thats 1 shot XD
  11. Because everyone has those?
  12. He should ride an invisible Pegasus.
  13. i have a sharpness 5 feather :p
    i wish
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  14. This is by far the best idea ive ever seen.
    Someone give this man a ribbon.
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