why can't we use fire charges?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by brandop123, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. I made about 2 stacks of fire charges ready to light some houses on fire with em but i can't.
    why is this?
  2. Lighting houses on fire will get you banned unless they are your own. And they are disabled because they are not protected by residences areas yet.
  3. ya i mean my own kinda like making a little villager thing and putting dispensers everywhere :)
  4. Because we don't want people burning other peoples work down.
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  5. That was my thought too.
  6. There is no API's to protect players from pvp'ing with this type of ammo.
    Therefore it's just deactivated at the whole Empire Servers.
  7. Which also kinda makes me mad, because then I could make auto farms which would kill a few animals at the touch of a lever... but NO! of COURSE not! (Yay for overreacting!)
  8. I spoke to justin via pm talking about the dangers of the fire charges, For now they never go down unless they hitsomething, meaning TONS of res' could be burned :eek:
  9. Yeah, that could be bad.
  10. There's also a fire charge problem where if you throw millions of them in to the sky (since they never go away) they will cause insane lag and probably destroy the universe among other things.
  11. lol. I did that once with a dispenser mod, where they could fire up. I fired about 2billion arrows+fire charges at once, my computer exploded :/
  12. ROFL.