Why can't I log onto any minecraft server? [Closed:problem over]

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by MichaelPiccolo, Aug 15, 2013.

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  1. Ok so I was going to go on emc and it shows up on my screen as the server is up and people are on it. When I try to log onto it, it just stays on the logging in screen and wont let me click on cancel. So i have to force quit and can only go on singleplayer. :( Anyone else having this problem? Please help. Thanks.
  2. I have this too
  3. The minecraft session server is currently down, so you wont be able to connect to any multiplayer server. It is usually back up within 20-30 mins though, so just hang tight and work on a single player map until then. :)
    You can check here to see when it comes back online: http://help.mojang.com/
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  4. maybe minecraft servers r down or someting? ill check
  5. Me four hundred and fifty seven!
  6. Bro, did you fail to read the comments?
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  7. I like how you could be talking to him in two ways there, its very convienient
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  8. "Bro" ;)
  9. Why does it say there are 2 players on Smp2...?
  10. Becuase, If you were on a server before the servers went down you were able to stay on!
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  11. They havent logged off yet, once they do, they wont be able to reconnect
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  12. It's the log in servers that are down, not Minecraft itself. So, basically if you haven't logged out since the log in servers went down, you can still play.
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  13. Hope you got a sufficient answer.
  14. Oh ok...
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