Why arent I on the EMC servers?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by IPwnCreeps, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. Hello all EMC players and friends!

    Some of you may be wondering, Why havent i been on the EMC servers in around a week!? I gave up Minecraft for 2 weeks in order for a FaceBook. I 100% regret the decision -.- but never the less. I will be back on the EMC servers next Monday, in 7 days. Some of you may ask, What made you choose facebook? My girlfriend (lol).... But yeah, Thats where ive been :)
  2. You could always just talk to her in real life or over the phone! :D
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  3. Thats what i said, but to quote her. "How will i set my status to in a relation ship when you dont have Facebook" lmao
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  4. Or get her to join EMC *cough cough*
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  5. Hahaha, I doubt she'd like Minecraft, shes not to fond of video games ;)
  6. Minecraft is a video game? It can't be, I've been playing for months and I haven't murdered anyone or done any drugs yet.
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  7. LOL but most video games do make you rage... or is that just me? ._. I do find this game relaxing and fun especially with redstone projects ^_^
  8. Lague of Legends makes me rage my brains out.
  9. I personally have resisted facebook for years and I still wont join it. There are plenty of other ways to communicate and I dont need a friend counter! Email's been around for years and works just great.
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  10. This. ;)
  11. I've been on facebook maybe one time since I joined EMC, save for the little stint to check up on the status of the website. I like it, but I seem to enjoy things here much more.
  12. I use my Facebook account to keep in touch with and aware of what is going on in the lives of my Army buddies.
    It is not feasible for me to ask them to send me pictures, call them on the phone and email them all individually...
    Facebook is wonderful in this aspect.
    (I have friends in Germany, Afghanistan, Iraq, Australia, Canada, Honduras, France, Italy, Egypt, Thailand, Russia, Asia, and of course scattered across the United States.. An international calling plan and letter writing materials are much too expensive... :))
    Also, my wife.... She lives in Honduras right now, due to the overly expensive and dificult process of the Immigration policies...
  13. And the conversation strays WAY off track :L