Why are some player heads always Steve, when their skin isn't?

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  1. I've noticed in PVP, and from dying myself, that when I place the heads I receive, they all come out as Steve. All the heads I have are from people who have custom skins. Yet when I go to some shops I see walls of heads that are all different. Why are mine all Steve?
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  2. :p This is a question that I can not answer myself, but I think it probably has something to do with the version of MC we're using. I also have problems with the player heads, but honestly, I have no clue :p
  3. It's a bug that has yet to be resolved. It happens for everyone, and there's no fix.
  4. Because the server uses 1.8 Bungee the collision of 1.7 and 1.8 screws up skins
    Why this might be happening? Well 1.8 is known for a skin update, along with many other cool features, and because of this skin update the heads that weren't previously placed in 1.7 will turn into Steve or Alex, if you have a head that is placed and shows the skin you shouldn't break it, for it will break. In the full release of 1.8 server this should be fixed
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  5. I actually downgraded my version to 1.7.5 from 1.8 to see my head on the wall not Steve XD
  6. Yeah, sadly it's not a fixable problem until 1.8 comes to EMC. I'd say it's a lose-lose for head people. For player head gatherers, nobody can tell the difference if it's a head display. I'm also a hand seller, so when I sell someone a blaze or ghast head, they look at the steve skin and the italicized name and say, "Oh, this is a renamed player head you freaking scam!" And I offer refunds, because some of them don't trust me enough, sadly. It wouldn't be of any use to them anyhow, with the steve skin.
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  7. 1.7.5 still shows the heads as kyukyu said
  8. Yes, but a majority don't use 1.7.5 :p
  9. their loss :)
  10. Not really, for a good portion of the community doesn't know how to downgrade their versions
    EDIT: Or prefer higher versions for modifications, performance boosts, or certain game mechanics
  11. But its so easy... I guess the first thing I ever did on minecraft was figure out how to use forge
  12. Everyone has different levels of knowledge :)
  13. Just mine is greater than a large amount of peoples you are saying?
  14. So head's I've already collected will become visible once the update happens? or is collecting heads essentially worthless until then.
    My client has every version from the very first to the latest one, and I can pick between them at anytime. I thought this was standard?

    EDIT: I tried playing w/ the 1.7.5 in my client, all the heads I have different appearances, but are all named "head." Yet they still stack based on their appearance.
  15. I was just implying that everyone is good at certain things, such as maybe you with operating forge and another with redstone ^^;
  16. On the load window, click "Edit Profile" (Left to Play button), bottom of the 2nd box of that window (Use version:) click the drop down arrow and scroll through those versions
  17. That's exactly what I just said. :confused:
  18. EMC is the only server I'm playing right now so I don't mind not using the latest version XD I'd rather to see my head. I just wait the time when the EMC updates its server version.I'm happy with the version 1.7.5 (I tried some and I think 1.7.5 is the latest version that you can see the players heads correctly)

    only annoying thing is the fog at the bottom layer :p

    good luck with your downgrade it's so easy (I thought it was really difficult until I realized how to do it) and enjoy the colorful player heads world XD
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  19. Oh, I read that very wrong ^^;
  20. I prefer colored beacons over heads, So I'm going to stay with the latest version.
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