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  1. THIS IS CREEPERSLAYER . I WANT TO KNOW how i paid 2500r to skvinski and 2500 to rossbud2 I went from the server with 32k and i came back with only 28k and i checked my rupees history and i had apparently paid rossbud2 and skvinski 2500 rupees each ! WTH happened here?! I NEVER PAID THAT? I AM REALLY ANNOYED AND I WANT THIS EXPLAINING!
  2. We cannot help you it's all in your rupee history.
  3. Did you ask them for it back? I feel that'd be a little more efficient then "yelling" at us. If it says you paid them, that's where they are. The location of them is known. Ask them, if they say no, I guess you can start a conversation with a moderator, but I don't know how it will work out.
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  4. im not sure how i can ask at 12 at night . they never use the forums anyway so i cant send em a message really . a moderator might be able to help though . sorry crazy.i was just really angry
  5. I haven't heard of the resolution 1800P before, How much are the monitors for it?
  6. I'll go ahead and lock this thread now that the situation is under investigation.
  7. Well I'm West Coast, so it's only 4 P.M for me. I'd be happy to make my brother figure it out
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.