Why are my Chickens dying?

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  1. So I spent a while digging down far enough I wouldn't have to hear them and then built the coop just like I always do. I had a stack and a half of chicken eggs, spawned around 30 in and got it ready, just to hear chickens squawking and then silence. I climbed back up into the coop only to see one single chicken. I tried again and again, each time doing the same thing. I tried checking the wiki to see if for some stupid reason Mojang decided that Chickens suddenly needed to drown. I mean heck, squids derp in the oceans and those idiots drown somehow. I am now down to the 5 or so eggs I have left after this video. I tried spawning them from the dirt block on top, on the platform, from the wall and as close as I could on the water, they just went down to the bottom and still died.

    I'm assuming my chicken coop is now useless. :(

    Sorry video is tiny. For some reason stupid youtube keeps resizing my videos whether I use Windows Movie Maker or Premier Elements.
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  2. Not too sure why this is happening, pretty weird though perhaps another thing Mojang messed up in 1.5 I mean like the collision box that acts as if the animals head is underwater may be the same as the entire body's collision box and so it thinks it is under the water. Does this happen with adults?
    How large are the files you are attempting to upload? With mine I render them out using avi in which they are about 20GB, I then convert them to mp4 which brings them down to about 230KB. In order to convert them I quite simply use VLC Media player where I go to "media>convert / save>add(pick file)>little drop down menu on the *convert / save* button>convert" then I just choose my settings to be mp4 and such and then wait for the play bar to get to the end and the window returning to having nothing playing. Please note when saving the file in the convert thing use .mp4 to indicate you want it to convert to mp4.

    If this was not clear or there is a part you don't understand just quote me with your problem ;)
  3. Unfortunately this is a Minecraft bug, not just EMC. I experienced this problem soon after the update after I tried to create something similar in creative. Darn chickens don't realize when they are drowning
  4. This happened to me to, I fixed it buy using hoppers instead of the sings & water.
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  5. I'll have to try this the next time I record and upload. I basically just take the file after recording and then upload. If I use Windows Movie Maker then I convert/save it and upload it. Premier I just uploaded straight to Youtube.

    Aww. :( Dangit
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  6. How dare you dis your own kind.....
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  7. Yeah well it just depends on how big the file is that you're uploading, YouTube doesn't accept video more than 2GB (last I checked, may have changed) and they always attempt to reduce the file size. Their conversion is very bad quality so you're better off doing it your self ;)

    I haven't got experience in Movie Maker or Premier so I couldn't give you exact advise on what to render in and such as I use MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2013 Plus which is available on steam it merely edits the video without any real compression so I always have to compress. You may not even have to compress with the editor you use though :)
  8. So update. I tried using hoppers as suggested and got nowhere, tried again and the chickens still died. Recreated the farm in Single Player and on a private small server with friends and they didn't die.

    I built the farm out of stonebrick in all three worlds and added in the water and signs as always.
    Used the same set-up.
    Spawned them only a few at a time.

    Single Player, no plugins and all that.
    Multiplayer, no plugins.
    EMC: Self explanitory.
    SSP/SMP: Chickens spawn as adults.
    EMC: Chickens spawn as chicks.
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  9. I tested this on a spigot server (build 735), and the baby chickens die in water. I haven't tested it on a bukkit server.
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  10. So I guess I need to alert bug team?
  11. Could you build a dirt floor on top of the water, spawn the chicks wait for them to grow into adults and then destroy the dirt floor so they swim? Perhaps it is due to them being babies...
  12. I guess I could try it. I didn't think of that.
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  13. You could report it to the spigot team (after making sure it's a spigot bug and not a bukkit bug), but since this is not a EMC bug, the EMC bug team won't be able to do much about it.
    Sorry for caps but don't use any water because it causes lag and the chickens to die. Just have chickens over hoppers and make it look pretty in a egg laying hay area. Yes I said make it pretty. (LOL wut?) Anyways jst try it without any water and see what happens, Though I am sure they don't drown without water.
  15. Hum I just egged some chickens and respawned them, and there alive.
    But here is a pic of my small farm maybe it will help :)

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  16. Ahh you're not using water and therefore eliminating the issue of them drowning... Great job you may have just discovered the fix! :D
  17. I'll try hoppers again, maybe this time it will work and I'll actually get eggs :D. Thank You Dark!
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  18. Feel sorry for you guys.
  19. Ok so after I last posted that pic some of the babies died when they grew up. They had suffocated in the dirt walls, So I used some glass on the bottom row to prevent that :)

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  20. I, The chicken murder, has struck again! :D
    But seriously, i don't know what's happening