Why am I banned?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Jonathan1272, Jul 30, 2013.

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  1. Dear EMC Players and Friends,

    Today when I tried to log in to EMC, it said: You're permabanned by JackBiggin! Reason: 1 Day.
    I haven't done anything wrong and it says 1 day? What does that mean and please tell me the reason why I am banned. Please respond quickly and thank you for your help guys.

    Sincerely, Jonathan1272
  2. jackbiggin was testing the ban nuke hes thinking about buying 600 of them and 10 ban ion cannons. thats all i know pm a mod for more info
  3. I think he made a mistake. It was supposed to ban your for 1 day, but accidentally banned you for longer.
  4. lol, do try to be serious :p

    Anyway, you will have to PM Jack about this.
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  5. i told him pm a mod at the end for more info
  6. Yeah, by the way it says I'm permabanned.
  7. Ok thx for the help guys
  8. Ok. It seems that Jack banned you permanently instead of for 1 day. However, you still obviously still did something wrong.
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