Who's your favorite youtuber?

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  1. This thread is basically for everyone to share who there favorite youtube channels or videos. I'll start off, I really like this guy named swoozie06:
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  2. Ltastro346
    - jsut cuz hes my brother
  3. TAC1421games
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  4. Accursed Farms, Well, he's on Machinima.
  5. XpertThief!!!
  6. BlueXephos, or paulsoaresjr
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  7. I don't have a favorite, but Paul Soars Jr. Is the one who introduced me to minecraft. With the "how to survive and thrive" series.
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  8. Julian Smith and Jeffery Dallas
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  10. YES
  11. That channel, vsauce, or hishedotcom.
  12. Who remembers Deepercutt?
  13. yes i forgot about the awesome vsause, also I used to watch woodysgamertag a lot.
  14. Vsauce, im so mindblown.
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