Who's ready? New season of Walking Dead!

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Who's ready?

Never seen it... 9 vote(s) 45.0%
Yes! 8 vote(s) 40.0%
No 3 vote(s) 15.0%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. The title says it all
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  2. Wow what a fail in the title...
  3. Never watched it and never will my moto is anything with dead in it is a no no. O and yes a mind blowing fail.
  4. I'm psyched. It's going to be pure awesome!
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  5. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes!:) Can you tell i'm excited:p
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  6. there as 2012 episodes going on right now for anyone who hasn't seen them...
  7. *Walking
  8. Yes ik look above
  9. i'm not allowed to watch the show D:D:D:D:D
    But i DO love the game!
  10. Wait... you can't watch the show but you play the game? That makes no sense the game is way worse than the show.
  11. the game's infected are less disturbing than the show's are
    remember that crawler in the TV show? intestines hanging out.
  12. YES!
    Indeed YES!
    The walking dead may be one of my favorite shows yet.
    People who say its gross - Yes, its very disturbing if you dont have a strong stomach.
    I like it because It is realistic.
  13. No, Hostel is disturbing.
  14. Whats Hostel?
  15. Arguably the most disturbing movie ever made. It is even more disturbing than Saw.
  16. I havent seen saw, what is Hostel about?
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  17. The Walking Dead game is the most thought provoking, emotionally involving and detailed game I've played since.... since...... wow.... since the old text adventure games back in the late 80's early 90's.
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  18. Fixed the title and 6 mintues left till the show starts
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  19. i see what you did there ;)
  20. It is about an underground trade where people are kidnapped and sold to rich people. The rich people then torture the people for their on amusement. It is very graphic and disturbing.