Whos better? Mario or Sonic?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Mrlegitislegit, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. Me and a guy at school are having a war about this and was wondering what you guys think.
  2. You should just be friends. It's better like that. :p

    You know what they say, "The more the merrier"
  3. mario is a plumber, sonic is a hedgehog, there is no comparison :)
  4. What is the comparison? Like if they got in a fight who would win? Or who is faster, or what game is funner?
  5. Who would you rather be? A Italian plumber or a blue hedgehog that runs fast.
  6. I prefer cognitive thought and self awareness.
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  7. HAHA so funny Crazy1080, I was just writing "Mario is a human, sonic is an animal, so of course I would rather be Mario."
  8. I vote luigi!LOL, just kidding, I vote MARIO-The Italian Plumber!
  9. Guys, i vote deadpool he knows hes in a comic/game for gods sake! Hes a boss!
  10. I vote Nintendo :D
  11. Mario all the way. I just finished playing it before i got on actually :p
  12. Who have played "Neko Mario"?
  13. Commander Keen > all.
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  14. I have. I think I am going to die soon due to stress.
  15. No reason for this war; it makes no snce to fight a friend over this. Because, where do fights really end up?

    Oh, and from my analysis:
    • Sonic>Mario
    • Luigi>Tails
    • Bowser>Eggman
    • Amy>Peach
    • Shadow>Toad
    IDK if I really set these spots up correctly, but it really goes either way. And this isn't just the fight, just so you know.

  16. weegee will get you too!
  17. Amy vs Peach mud wrestling.I mean umm wat?
  18. Well i prefer Mario.
  19. Personally without mario my child hood would have never been completed.
  20. Mario is what got me into gaming
    Well mostly