Who wrote the Site Help section?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by SleepyPK, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. It uses the phrase "Bad Ass", and I've seen moderators kick folks who used the word ass.
    I asked earlier if staff are above the rules, and this makes it look like they are. The staff member I asked said that they are not immune to rules. Any feedback is appreciated.
  2. it was the people who made the Empire, WAY back when little wee little baby eyes of children so young wouldn't have seen it. i'm sure now though, they haven't thought of what it says now because they are trying to make the Empire better. what does it matter to you though? they are the people who made this amazing place possible.
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  3. If staff can break rules without discipline, (which I've seen) it could lead to bigger problems.
  4. Seems like another troublemaker that has nothing better to do but troll the website and question everybody on everything...
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  5. Me or battmieghs?
  6. Justin and Jeremy and every mod on here are the nicest people i've ever met, they don't break the rules, that part of the sight was made far before we had so many players, far before most of it really mattered.

    i have never in my time here have seen a mod, neither Justin or Jeremy break any rules/swear/ or cause problems. ever.

    why does it matter though? you're only offended clearly because you can't do what the people who made this place can do, and bickering about something so pointless isn't going to get you much farther.
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  7. you. battmeghs is my wife. (in real life). You. why do you need to question the little things instead of focusing on the big issues? that's where maturity is found. You remind me of a disgruntled union employee who files a grievance on a single letter misspelled in a union contract. chill out. if you have an issue, speak to a moderator.
  8. JustinGuy was the one who wrote it. You do make a valid point, however, I suggest you send IcecreamCow a pm about it. I'm sure he can give you some answers.
  9. I saw ICC break something one time... It was my heart... :(
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  10. From what i know, it is quite difficult to misspell a letter;)
  11. Probably with tnt...
  12. He has a valid point. I don't think he should be punished. The "words in question" should just be taken down.
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  13. YOU have a point, my friend! =P lol
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  14. Oh come on. Who cares?

    EDIT: On second thoughts, we need to get the "EMC Elite Above-Admin Task Force" onto this serious issue.
  15. * everybody cares *
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  16. "ass, v.
    A well-known quadruped of the horse kind


    The ass has, since the time of the Greeks, figured in fables and proverbs as the type of clumsiness, ignorance, and stupidity; hence many phrases and proverbial expressions" - Oxford English Dictionary.

    There's no need to be asinine about this.
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  17. Exactly, I'm not saying anyone needs to get punished, I'm saying that it's an honest mistake and it needs to be fixed. It's not too big a deal, it just contradicts what I've seen in-game. I made this thread out of concern of the rules, not to be rebelious or troll the forums.