Who sells Iron ingots 1 for 6???

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  1. guys i need iron ingots if my armory is to stay open i am looking for someone who is willing to sell me iron ingots 1 for 6r - 1 for 7r.

    I will be a continuous buyer and will buy soly from them

  2. I don't sell for that but /v 4116 on smp2 server sells iron ingots for somewhere around 9r for them.
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  3. I've seen plenty of people on smp4 selling iron for 5r-7r
  4. thx again
    and again for everybody who has helped me in my search for iron!!!
  5. smp 1, 2443 sells iron for 6 always :) if i ahve alot sometimes even 5 r ;)
    shop 24/7 open
  6. on smp2 you can buy iron ingots at 5r a piece, 4398