Who owns EMC

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Who owns EMC

JustinGuy 18 vote(s) 72.0%
KallandLaba 7 vote(s) 28.0%
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  1. Justin or Kalland labs? There's a big debate in SMP2 at the moment.
  2. Justinguy :D KallandLabs is the team :D
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  3. Well Justin/Jeremy is Kalland Labs. But it's Kalland Labs
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  4. Since Kalland is Justin's last name doesn't he technically own both? Wouldn't it be Justin? xD
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  5. Well yes, but "Kalland Labs" is the official name of the owners of EMC.
  6. Justin owns and founded EMC, So it's justin.

  7. From the terms.

    But I'm not talking about founder, I'm talking about current owner.
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  8. I dont get why a "poll" will do any good :D

    Its not really something to vote about.
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  9. Das right, because Kalland Labs owns EMC. ;D
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  10. Hate to be a thread jackere, but THIS is what you're worried about!? Go to SMP3 WIld, GO GO GO
  11. I know I am a little late to this conversation, but I just saw it. Kalland Labs is an LLC (Limited Liability Company) I do things through to protect myself personally from certain liabilities (like some idiot trying to sue for something dumb). Although I started EMC, the community owns it, it would not be what it is without all of you :) <3
  12. Wee! Were de special servers!
    * Derp face *
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  13. i found your gray text what do i win
  14. :rolleyes:
    Can you find it now?
  15. how do u make like invisible
  16. Kalland Labs is owned by Justin and Jeremy so you cannot say Justin owns EMC because you would be neglecting Jeremy and he would blow up your res.
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  17. If you want to make text invisible do this in more colors.
  18. If you want to make text invisible do this in more colors.
  19. Thanks

    You deserve respect from MINIMOOSE!
  20. I like respect.
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