Who likes cats?

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  1. Not just in Minecraft, but in real life as well. Just needed to clear that out.
  2. Minecraft: HATE HATE HATE

    Real Life: Meh, they're okay
  3. okaaaay. I like cats.
  4. Real Question is: Who Does? (My whole family is allergic)
  5. They annoy me tremendously in minecraft but they're AWEsome in real life.
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  6. I like that. They ARE awesome in real life. In minecraft, they're not that bad in mc, but they could be MUCH better.
  7. thank you smile3!! SomeONE FINALLY apreciates my sense of humor
  8. I love cats. Grew up with cats around me most of my life. Sadly, my wife is allergic to cats, or I would probably be a cat owner right now. :(
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  9. Hate cats I run away if I see one
  10. In Minecraft

    I used to like cats, to the extent that I tamed about 128 or more of them, and led this cat army around town, causing noise disturbance to those around us, until one day, I forgot to feed them and they magically turned into eggs, which I then used to make me some delicious omelette as a tasty treat. I never tamed another ocelot ever since.

    In real life

  11. I don't care for your language
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  12. I never understood why some people are so bothered by the slightest hint at profanity. I've never found profanity fascinating, nor have I ever been offended by it. I believe I can thank my parents for that, as they never made a big deal about it, so it was never taboo for me. If I hurt myself at home and shouted something profane, all I was told was that some people might not like that.

    I hate all forms of censorship, including the one on this site, as it just exacerbates the problem. If people got used to profanity, it wouldn't be shocking, it wouldn't have any effect, and nobody would care anymore. I get annoyed (although I sometimes find it a bit amusing depending on my mood) at how much "bleeping" is done on American TV. In Norway, where I live, people can use profanity on TV and radio all they want, nobody cares. Nobody really does it much either, except in situations where expletives are natural, because, like I said, nobody cares about it.

    Seriously why do you find it so offensive? I just don't get it. They are just words. Penn & Teller did an awesome episode on profanity on their TV show named Bullshit (yes, that's the name of the show, I'm not actively trying to use profanity, for those of you who are hyper-sensitive about this) which is totally worth watching. Well, their entire TV series is worth watching, but that episode in particular for you profanity-sensitive folks. (Warning: The episode/show does not censor profanity)
  13. I like cats in real life and I like cats in Minecraft... But they all sadly despawned :(
    Is everyone having the same issue as me? When I have cats they teleport and follow me around (Wolves too) everywhere, I they started doing this since the 1.2.4 update! Yes I know they ,must be sitting for them not to follow you. Mine do sit.
  14. i love cats

    i have 7 in the real world

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  15. Loook up i love cats on youtube
  16. Perhaps you're the hyper-sensitive one :)
  17. Its funny how you changed yuor post...
  18. um... ur hallucinating
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  19. Like your about to, to fix the spelling error? Or you never would of noticed it if I never pointed it out?
  20. I see some nice fun with a sword there cords?