Who knows how to connect blaze spawners and make it double

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by 621op, May 5, 2012.

  1. If you do I am willing to pay 5000 to 8000 and supply it is a 4x blaze spawner one spot if you do it we can share it
  2. I can try if you want.
  3. I guess so but do you know how too
  4. I 98 % know how to.
  5. Are you trustworthy
  6. Message me the coordinates and which server its on.
  7. I will take you personally when i say because wont be on until 2 days
  8. DONT DO IT he is not a supporter and therefore can not map hide. a dual blaze spawner is very rare and if u take him it will most likely get griefed, not necessarily by him but by someone else.
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  9. Who is gonna do it then
  10. I'll look into it and test some builds on my creative bukkit.

    Wont have an answer before a few days.. I dont do ethos, i dont do youtube, i do the best possible.

    So if you wanna wait a few days - i'll test it out.
  11. I can do it,I know how to build ethos lab and im well known for my trustworthy :)
  12. One of u could do it
  13. I will,I am even ready to pay for helping you build it :)
  14. Can you do double or quadruple
  15. How much will you charge
  16. Well,Which design do you want? If ethos lab? Alot since it will take forever to build :)
  17. If it's 25 blocks apart from all 4, and far from spawn I'll buy the coords for 75k.. if that's allowed?
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