Who Knows How to Build A Dark Room Spawner?

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  1. I am looking for someone to build me a highly efficient mob spawner. I would like it on smp4. but, the question is how much would u charge to make one for me? if u could reply below that would be great thanks.:)
  2. I'll build you one for free if you provide the materials.
    • Dungeon (Duh)
    • Iron pickaxes
    • Ladders
    • Two water buckets
    • 24 ladders
    • glass
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  3. Only the ones with pistons are some what efficient on emc(the one's that use spawning pads no pistons really suck) ;)

    I am in the middle of making one for enraged mobs now so cant help you build one. I can tell you its not cheep to build one that will work good on emc :( the cheapest will be a lot of sticky pistons, string, redstone dust and some tripwire hooks.
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  4. Oh, that's what you mean! I thought you meant something like a zombie grinder that's made with a dungeon.
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  5. do you have an idea of how expensive?
  6. You could also use a flushing design, which is what I plan to use for mine. Just run it off a clock that goes off every 30 seconds. :)
  7. how much would that cost roughly?
  8. It really depends on the size. Flushing mob traps only work if the water can reach the last block, and because of that, every block you expand to the side means another piston. Then you have to factor in some redstone, and the amount of building blocks.
  9. Flushing would be a step up from the span pad but I don't think it would be highly efficient, with the water blocking spawns and mobs sitting there for 30 sec's preventing more spawns.

    keep in mind a group of 1-3 mobs will only spawn within in 20 blocks of one another, so the faster they are moved out of that range the faster more can spawn.

    Just as pro said it depends on how big you make it. The smallest would be lest say 10 blocks long and only one row high so 20 sticky pistons, 40 redstone dust, 20 string, 2 tripwire hooks and a building block of your choice. refer to atachted pic for refearance.
    Price depends where you buy you materials or if you make them. but you can all ways stack more spawning lvls as you save up for more materials:)

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  10. ok, thanks for the help bro :)
  11. The reason I don't like piston pushers is that you get only one block of spawning space per piston.

    I also forgot about shifting floor designs. Smart shifting floor designs are slightly complicated however, and some designs are redstone intensive.
  12. Ok so do you guys know a good efficent running mob spawner tutorial on youtube or somethin?