Who is your Favorite Superhero?

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  1. Hello, I want to know what superhero you like the best!

    I have liked the flash since I was very young.
  2. military.jpg
    We all know who the set and real heroes are. God bless our soldiers.
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  3. You are right.
  4. I like most very mainstream heroes, like batman and deadpool, I've also really liked flash since I saw the flashpoint paradox.
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  5. Batman, superman, and um well I don't really do much superhero but I like batman :)
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  6. Batman.
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  7. Arm Fall off Boy

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  8. Just gonna let you guys guess..... :cool:
  9. Wonder Woman?
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  10. Aquaman, totally Aquaman
  11. Batman is the only appropriate answer to this question. I mean, there are other good superheroes out there, but they are not Batman.
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  12. I have never heard of him before.
  13. I really understand why so many people like Batman. He doesn't have any REAL powers, but he has way too much money, and a lot of time on his hands. He trained in martial arts, and has the coolest gear I have ever seen. But, what's amazing about him, is that he is qualified to be a superhero.