Who is Who

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  1. This thread is to share and to share conspiracy theories about who is who.
    Is bigdavie Dark_Liz or are you secretly the J_T greifer while sleep gaming?

    99% sure Facts:
    GameKribJeremy is IceCreamCow
  2. The point for this thread is to notify who is who?
  3. yes. to resolve confusion.
  4. I think who is whom. Just saying.
  5. Some secrets must stay secrets.
  6. and some people need there alias's
  7. <------ is me
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  8. nahh your lying
  9. I think XI_Like_A_PigX is DogsRNice's evil twin.
  10. Justin does not live in australia. Justin does not stay up til 4am central time playing minecraft. If Justin is shaun, then why was shaun on while Justin moved?
  11. xD I was about to say "Justin lives in Adelaide, Australia?"
  12. I said 99% sure and I have read soooo many threads saying they are the same.
  13. Which threads are these?
  14. oh no!!!:eek:
  15. i am 95% sure that the J-T griefer is long since banned ever since jlopez was banned for griefing and putting J-T in places.
    i am also 99% sure that i am actually also a paranoid freak who secretly knows that the world will be attacked biologically.
  16. isnt dark_liz gone? or has been for a while?
  17. Her/His res still exists, and she/he is still a diamond supporter. I havent seen her/him for a while.
  18. yeah :( no more senior staff for them then. thats sad.
  19. Yea, I see AusQB forum stalking every once in a while, but other than that. The original staff (besides JG ) and technically ICC have changed :(
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