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  1. So lilspiders has build at spawn on smp1 why? 2012-08-26_00.46.17.png
  2. I just want to point out the - in front of build before we continue with this.
  3. Never noticed that.
  4. Found out all about lilspiders he was here before EMC was public and helped build the spawn building but he can't build there anymore.
  5. Right, his perms say "build -", not "build +".
  6. generally you give someone build flags before taking them away.

    My guess is that he may have helped design the spawn area - way back when (but that was before my time)
  7. Why do AusQB and Dark_Liz have build perms?
  8. AusQB used to be a Moderator, if I remember right (I don't think Dark_Liz was though...). And I think Dark_Liz was one of the builders of the Tutorial... Something like that anyways
  9. They are both former senior staff members. Although their perms have not been revoked, they are still trusted members and would not abuse their perms. Eventually they will be reset. :)
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  10. What great thing did they do to get senior staff or where senior staff just chosen?
  11. Crazy I didn't know they were Senior Staff Members. Shenanigans!
  12. They were with EMC from the beginning, and contributed a great deal to EMC, and helped make it the fantastic server it is today. :)
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  13. Then why don't you have perms?
  14. It is likely the perms were set in the early days of EMC, before they were appointed senior staff.
    The senior staff 'group' has global rights, so they do not need individual perms set for them.
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  15. Justin and Jeremy put all the staff in a big pit and make them fight to the death, last one standing is Senior mod then comes the next runners up :D /sarcasm
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  16. Oh that sounds like fun! When is the next one I want to be there. :p
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