Who has the best shop on EMC?

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  1. So, who has the best shop on empire minecraft? comment their name and res number (and server) and soon ill make a poll on it :)
  2. AlexChance or Pthagaard.
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  3. AlexChance or THE DBO mega shop
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  4. whats THE DBO ?
  5. dreamytje,belugh,oleyy
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  6. The bests ones i can think of are:
    (mines alright, 12943)
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  7. Oleyy's signature is beyond false as his colleagues didn't win the competition with him making that Achievement false, and being blunt here as well... he only got it because he got people to spam the chat.
  8. I would say AlexChance or Bloodra1n.
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  9. Me, obv.

    "It's not pretty, but it works" - I am in awe of the amazing construction talents of mega-shops; but surely the key thing for a shop is, having stuff - at good prices. That's what I've concentrated on, which is why my shop *looks* like poop, but works well.

    Cheap stuff, free stuff, ultra-helpful service and advice; always happy to try and make things cheaper, always happy to help out (esp new users). And flying squid. And nobody has seen "Out of stock" for weeks. I'm amazing, and modest too :p SMP9 19000.
  10. Aw geez. Not one of these again...
  11. I have to agree.... /shop has the cheapest Ice and the cheapest grass blocks
  12. You know you have to link a link to your signature or you press it and nothing happens right?
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  13. Me, of course! xD
  14. 9000! Almost over 9000.
  15. You know I am working on my signature, right?
  16. Hmmm...prbly /shop actually.
    They're the only ones I know of that sell chainmail D:
  17. 19333 sells chainmail on smp9 :p
  18. 12006 smp6 :p
  19. Leowaste or Alexchance
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