Who can relate to me?

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  1. Ayee! What's goodington my fellow minecrafters? If you need anything, want anything (not to be gay) ask mee bros!!!!!!! For those of you who claim you have lives outside emc chess club does not count!!! Soo let's be chill and give me something good to talk about!

  2. haha i like this post, i would try to find your res but i was banned for making a sand gen and im getting back tommorow. also im leaving for Florida today so stinks for me, wont be back for two weeks.
  3. Yeah man hit me up whenever!
  4. This thred is lonely. :)
  5. Hi Homies How are yall doing
  6. hey golden i bought all your bottles and need one moe.
  7. Ohio State? Come on really.