Who can build me a castle?

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  1. Hi everyone!
    I am about to claim my second res and I would like to build a castle on it :D
    I would like someone to make me one, I am willing to pay any reasonable price so long as materials are included.

    It must fit these requirements:
    - be 60x60
    - must have a medium sized area for a shop
    - look impressive (inside and out)
    - be practical (have crafting rooms, furnaces, enchantment rooms, storage, bed ect)
    - I would like it to have an enclosed garden in the middle.
    - I want an area to grow and harvest trees in (this could be in the garden and must suitable for jungle trees)
    - The design has to be original and can not be copied. (but getting inspiration from other designs is fine)

    If you think you could do this please post here giving a brief description of what you would do and what price you would want.

  2. Hi Daffy22,

    I am interested in building your castle. I spent a lot of time on my own layouts and ideas and I think I may be up for the challenge.

    Two things beforehand:

    First of all, I would need to know what you consider to be a reasonable price for the time and effort of a castle. Reasonable to you might be 10k rupees, but that might only cover materials. What price would you consider to be reasonable and fair?

    The other question is, do you want material pricing from the server shop, or would I have to hunt down the materials myself?

    The time investment on a large project like this is already pretty high, so it would make the whole process simpler if You can buy and stock the materials at your new res. Essentially you would be paying me for design, layout, and building.

    But also, like any good contractor, I would want you to pick the building materials. Some people like buildings made of cobble.

    If you want to see a little bit of my design in a small space, I have leased out a space on server 5 at res# 11371. Go to the sky town teleport and you will appear right in front of my leased space.


  3. I might want you to build a castle for me
  4. Thanks for your post. I had a look at your building and it looks great! I have sort of started to build the castle and I know roughly what I want but I think I just need some advice and help on making it look just that extra bit better. Come check out what I've done so far on 646 (smp1). I have opted for cobble floor and stone brick walls but I dont know what to do from here.
  5. To Gabe627:

    Email me at nighttriumph@gmail.com. Lemme know what you want and what you are interested in paying for. :)
  6. Cool. I will come by shortly and look at what you have. :)
  7. I checked it out and I like what you are doing. The trick to enjoying your residence, I think, will come with making multiple levels. A deep dungeon, a few tall spires, a guard house, a courtyard, a garden, wizard tower, a blacksmith (crafting) area, stables, throne room, dining room, master bedroom and guest rooms - all these will make your castle a place to enjoy and relax - even have friends over to enjoy the atmosphere. fountains and pools often are the icing on the cake for this kind of building. and dramatic lighting makes a huge difference in how people see your structure - especially at night.

    Let me know when you will be on and we can make an appointment to lay out some thing. If I am helpful to you, diamond spades and pickaxes would make my day :)

    Looking forward to hearing from you :)
  8. Those are some good tips and I wikk use them. :)
    Righ now I am starting the 4 corner towers but I am strugling in getting them right. I will be on sometime tomorrow so maybe we could meet then. I'm sure I could find some efficiency pickaxes for you :p
  9. Hey Daffy,

    I checked out your towers - They look really good! An idea that might save you some brick - only use the parapets on the outside walls. On your catwalk around the edges you will be able to see into the courtyard of your castle easier and not use as much brick. Also, on real castles, the walkways on the outer walls were made of wood. This may not look as polished, but if you are short on stone brick it could help - and still looks nice. :)

    I just logged on to your server at 6:30pm Central Time - I was at work all day :(

    Let me know when you usually get on and I will try to meet up with you (say between 9am and 11am central time, or whatever your time zone is)

    Take Care!