Who are your favorite YouTubers?

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  1. The title says it all

    My favorite YouTubers are Rhett & Link, WhyBeAre, and NerdCubed (Mild-language warning).

    Feel free to post down below your favorite YouTubers! :)

    Please state if the YouTubers aren't PG
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  2. Good Mythical Morning (Rhett & Link), WhyBeAre, Walterrific and YourPalsChrisAndAl are the YouTubers I view mostly :D

    (The last channel I mentioned usually contains swearing in videos)
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  3. Markiplier and JackSepticEye (both do swear quite abit
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  4. My top 4 for Minecraft are...
    Mumbo Jumbo (redstone) PG
    Keralis (inspiration)PG
    bdoubleo100 (inspiration)PG
    Sarah Soper (funny, Sarcasm) Not so PG Mild Language
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  5. Jacksepticeye! He swears. A lot. Like a LOT.
  6. Myself , I only really like Super Best Friends/Two best friends/ The Sw1thcer (All one channel) [They are PG-13 to R]
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  7. Casey Niestat. I watch him everyday...
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  8. Obviously Electric Hamster (JackBiggin) ;)
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  9. I knew someone was gonna do that...
    But I personally like this guy
    He also has that title
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  10. I watch
    EthosLab [Redstone/Survival]
    NightHawkInLight [DIY]
    BdoubleOO [Interesting Content]
    Grant Thompson "King of Random" [ULTRA DIY]
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  11. Most of my favorites cater to my interests (duh, lol)...
    Draw with Jazza
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  12. My favourite youtuber's are the Emc ones ;)
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  13. Mumbo Jumbo is one of mine.
    But my kids and I have started watching one of our very one emc'ers
    just_five_fun and a_little_fun have become our favorites
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  14. My favorite Youtubers would be CaptainSparklez (Minecraft), Marriland (Pokémon), TheGuitahHeroe (great Pokemon mystery dungeon remasters), Ssundee, and quill18 (various games).
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  15. Sparkles who does csgo stuff is probably one of my favorite
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  16. My favorite is Etho slab
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  17. I'm a daily watcher of good mythical morning and their after show good mythical more <3
    I've got a few shirts from them too. absolutely love them!
    these others I watch but not as often as GMM
    olan rogers, thescatsbury, howtobasic
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  18. I have been building content for a couple of months that is g rated and kids seem to enjoy. We are very thankful for all the support from our friends on Emc.

    For our favorite YouTubers, we watch stampy constantly (g rated). I enjoy I ballistic squid (pg rated). My son likes markup lyre and septic eye but my spellchecker doesn't. (Lots of language)

    Will have to check out some of these other suggestions
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  19. 1. Etho
    2. Impulse
    3. Tango

    All Minecraft. ;)
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  20. jenna marbles, videogamedunkey, and all the emc youtubers
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