WHITE WOOLS NEEDED - Tons and Tons of White WoolS NEEDED AT 4090

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  1. i need about a large chest full of white wool, im buying them for

    -40r for 64 white wools
    -20r for 32 white wools


    White Wools Are No Longer Needed! Thank You
  2. If you dont like the price post below

  3. You can buy white wool from 3456 on smp2 or 14141 on smp7. Both I know stock white wool for a reasonable price. :)
  4. Thanks, i got some on 14141

  5. What project you doing?
  6. Finally.. A guy who cares, good . Im making a skyland resort( hotel/shop) , pixel arts and Making Smp2 the best
    emc server. Thanks for Asking!
  7. What texture pack do you use? Misa's?
    I make modern houses myself and use Misa's. It gives the white wool a really nice look.
  8. You want to be my builder?
  9. Your builder?
  10. Or white wool for free at 911 on smp1
  11. All colours of wool at 1215 when he is on
  12. Never mind