White Wool

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  1. Was wondering if any1 are selling alot of white wool? And ofc not overpriced. I play on 6, and normal price is 5r for 10 pieces.
  2. wow cheap wool. hmm then again i havent bought large amounts of wool since i started so i gues its probably changed
  3. What server u play on? and whats the normal price there? :L
  4. Most wool sells 1 for 1 as Ive found :)
  5. I sell 5 for 8r on smp2, just seemed fair and sells well
  6. 414 (smp1) less then or equal to 1;1 for white wool. ( in stacks of 32)
  7. 4421 SMP2, 5-9r or 50-95r :)
  8. @12856 I can sell you stackd of white wool for 32r a stack ;)
    I will login on friday, and I have lots of stacks ;)
  9. 5 wool for 6r at SMP4-8788, it sells well
  10. I sell 5 for 11r. :/
  11. In my shop, normally, i sell 2 for 2r or 3 for 2r :p
  12. Sounds good ale thanks ;)
  13. Yes, yes you do, and I love you for it. :)