White day: A tale of horror

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  1. So i was looking around on my xbox 360 online for new games to play. I came across the indie section of the games and found a game called, "White day: A tale of horror". i downloaded it and played it, and relized it was a spoof of slender. Here is MY review for the game.

    Simularties between slender and white day:
    White day:
    8 tape recorders to collect
    an unknown creature chasing you( idk
    what the creature is, but to me it looks
    like the resident Evil licker and a werewolf mated
    amd had a child)
    you walk VERY slow
    flashlight runs out of batteries quickly
    limited running
    scare factor: 7/10

    8 pages to collect
    slendy chasing you
    walk slowly
    flashlight runs out of batteries
    limited running
    scare factor: 4/10

    when you spawn, you see a ghost which will
    "float" away from you. if you follow him/her,
    he/she will lead you to ALL the landmarks
    which are in the forest.

    my rating of White day: 8/10
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