White Angel Corporation

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  1. Welcome to the Official White Angel Corporation thread!
    Instead of a normal explanation of an overview of the WAC,
    we would like you to read each of these words from the Owners of the WAC!

    fluffinator09: Owner
    Hash98: Co-Owner
    fireshadow52: Co-Owner

    fluffinator09: Entertainment Branch
    Hash98: Supply and Demand Branch
    fireshadow52: Redstone Branch

    When inquiring to the WAC about anything, please include all Owners and Co-Owners in the PM, thank you!
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  2. Both I and Hash98 are currently selling horses! Hash98's enchantment shop will be open later today!!
    I am not currently online and I do not believe Hash98 is either. If you wish to buy a horse please PM us on the site!