While we wait.....

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  1. Ok while we wait lets play sentence story! Each person say a sentence then the next person, then the next person... etc. Lets also make this a game: Whoever gets the most likes on their sentences gets 25r (its not much but a prize is a prize)
  2. Once upon a time Empire Minecraft went down...
  3. Because an evil creeper came in with viruses.
  4. His viruses were so bad he blew up the whole server!
  5. and the zombies start spawning like crazy yelling "Brains!!!".
  6. And all the people were scared but knew the great JustinGuy could save them...
  7. The zombies were so crazy they made the skeleteons extinct!
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  8. Gahhh you beat me to it mba...
  9. There was panic and mayhem among the Emporians as they all shouted at once among the community message board!
  10. But JustinGuy, ICC and their other Fellow Companions went out to search for the creeper, because it could reproduce itself
  11. "Yarr," they shouted, "WE WNAT TO PLYA EMC!"
  12. Off this topic but Arrrrghh me matey! You mispelled some things!
  13. Arrgh! Lets switch to pirate talk aye?
  14. Alrighty matey! I need someone to argh.... Log me off of a server! Me dont know which server though! I need some.. how do ye say it? Professional Help!