While the server is down, Lets roleplay!

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  1. So yeah, the EMC central server is down! :D So lets do a random roleplay!

    Kingdom: Locket
    King: Soul
    Starting Armour: Chainmail (can't be diamond!)
    Starting buildings: Capitol building, barracks for knights

    To get new buildings and armor you must fight against other kingdoms! A fight takes 5 comments from each user to complete, and the one that wages the most destruction (determined by me!) wins!

    Let's go!
  2. I will play!
  3. Shweet, just fill out the form thing that I did! :p
  4. Kingdom; smile
    King; Annom
    Starting armor; iron
    Starting buildings; capitol, guard towers, barracks
  5. Kingdom: Pillow Dragonlandia
    King: Pillow Dragon
    Starting Armor: Chain
    Starting Buildings: Dragon Keep, Dragon Training Area, Incubator
  6. Locket begins to make wheat farms to feed the poor.

    (Forgot to mention you must use a Minecraft farming plant to feed the poor before you go to war!)
  7. Ill join. Anybody know why they are down?

    Kingdom: Mortoma
    King: Usnhark the Mighty
    Starting Armour: Chainmail
    Starting buildings: Shipreck Cove, our fortress, and a barracks, where we train our knave cadets. Also, we haz a small melon farm, and a bunker.
  8. Central server failure is the rumor...
  9. I wish to ally with Dragonlandia. We also begin to expand our melon farm.
  10. The servers are down BECAUSE Utopia is down and that handles the website, and I think the website handles the server. I don't if Utopia runs the other servers...I also think that the server hosts are having problems. Justin and ICC need to rethink getting new hosts.
  11. Trained Dragons make an automated wheat and melon farm. This way, we can give bread and watermelon to the poorer dragon riders.

    Also, I have a question:

    In battle, is it 5 comments apiece, or five altogether?
  12. Pillow Dragon signs the alliance forms with Mortoma.
  13. Kingdom: scotland
    King: Queen: queen Mary the I
    starting armor: leather
    starting buildings: Edinburgh castle, Inn, huts
  14. 5 comments that go like this:

    Player 1: Blahblahblah dusts gunpowder along the ground of trololol!
    Player 2: Trololol throws spears at the horse riders!
    Player 1: Blahblahblah soldier grabs spear and lights it on fire
    Player 2: Trololol protect the king!
    Player 1: BlahBlahBlah set off the gunpowder

    5 comments from each player.
  15. Also, if you guys like the RPG, I can make a full-time version of it when the servers come back online! :D
  16. OK, thanks for the clarification.
  17. Kingdom; voideside kingdom
    King; Kylling
    Starting armor; Gold
    Starting buildings; capitol, guard towers, barracks
  18. Please!
  19. My better melon farm is finished! Do I have to update my orginal post to normal sized melon farm? Also, we begin to upgrade the melon farm to a large automated melon farm!
  20. Kingdom: Tomato
    King: Bob
    Starting Armor: Tomatoes
    Starting Buildings: Tomato Hut, Nukes, amd Tomato towers