while minecraft.net is down..

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  1. I found out while minecraft.net is down you should really watch this video... I was laughing so hard I was crying the whole time.
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  2. Bless your face.
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  3. I prefer Pewdewpie.
  4. I am eating Reese's Puffs cereal.
  5. i'm not
  6. Good Bump- Not really...

    Edit: I read the date stamp wrong- I thought this thread was a couple days old... *facepalm* sorry about that
  7. I am going to watch it :D
  8. If you sneezed during this video, BLESS YOU! PEACE OFF BOOP!
  9. Run up in slow motion kick a guy in the face- this has become a quote thread XD
  10. I give up Jeb_ it is 2:25am and I AM GOING TO BED! D:
  11. Who cares about PewDiePie and TobyGames
    Nova FTW!!!!!!!
  12. Me :)
  13. is minecraft still down?
  14. Yup... The people who would fix it are probably sleeping lol- They most likely have no idea this is going on
  15. if you sneezed during this video, bless you . Peace out . woooosh :D