Which Web Design Should I Use?

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  1. *By posting this, I am in no way attempting to advertise, rather I am just seeking advice, I am not handing out the URL (And yes it is different from the name :p)*

    I am launching my website soon for my app design company and I have come up with two possible web designs. So as far as a homescreen, which design do you think that I should use?

    Design 1:

    Design 2:
  2. If you want to have more of a 'shop' type ... and describe things more i'd go with the first one

    If you want a few devices or apps showing, i'd have a full slide view like in the second one...
  3. I prefer the bottom one
  4. Also, when they are both enlarged... the second one fits the page better (you don't have to scroll) ... and when it comes to customers or people that download items .... the less scrolling and clicking a person has to do... the better :)
  5. I like the second one. but it needs more pie
  6. The bottom seems to be better. It looks less draggy and a bit less cheap.
  7. Bottom/second one for sure.

    It looks nice and fits in with the latest design trends - Simplistic buttony. Mind giving me a few a pointers? or even the source of it >.>

    That and it will emphasize on the actual application data which is most important.
  8. Definitely the bottom one.
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  9. Now I feel bad for the first one. It is unloved.
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  10. The second one :) But I'd try making the gradient a bit lighter and changing the font and size of "Home/Blogs/Apps/Contact Us".
    I was also wondering why you would want our opinion on the designs if you have an (app) design company :p
  11. I'm guessing your asking for overall layout and not the EXACT images?

    Imo, from a business perspective, layout 1 is a better choice if text content is plentiful.

    Now, if your going for pure image overload, 2 would be more ideal -- but you REALLY need some text on the home page... So, it depends on what kind of content is going to be there.

    Id say go with 1, and make the text to the left of the image slider rotate to describe the image.

    Gives you the top info box to talk general info on the company, then the box to the left of the image to talk about the image.

    But, if that is the style you were exactly going for, it def needs some smoothing work, but it is more ideal for laying out the content layout wise.

    maybe also go with the fonts and redish tints of the 2nd one as the background/frame colors of the first ones layout.

    Its the positioning that I find more ideal on 1, not the colors.
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  12. 2 of them yes, some competitors :p The guy whos in charge of first link is the one doing EMC design work now!
  13. How's this?

    I loved the design of the second one, so I merged them.
  14. I'd think having the boxes on the right a similiar style too, and add borders to all the boxes, would look nice.
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