Which texture pack are you using???

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by InfernalCR, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. Hello Empire!

    I just came with some curiosity to know which texture pack is everybody using? Why u like it?

    Im using DokuCraft :) I think is pretty neat for a 32x32 texture pack, also I like the mob texturing and the item texturing as well!

    I was also thinking on making a texture pack myself but I dont know how to do that :(, maybe somebody could help me or share with us if you are using a custom made texture pack!

    So... Have a NICE DAY! :)

    PD: Ill share the link of DokuCraft with u guys if u want to try it out! And fell free to post which texture pack you are using!

  2. Bump!

    I am just using the default and am a little disappointed no one has given their input. I would love to see what everyone is using so I can make an educated choice :)
  3. I use Joliween 1.3, it is a wonderful Halloween themed pack that has some roots tied into an Autumn feel. I really enjoy it. It feels right for the season we are in here in the United States. :)
  4. I use default haha! I don't like any texture packs that i've seen