Which server should I choose?

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  1. Since I became a diamond supporter I have 4 res limited. I got 2 at smp5 and one at utopia. Which server should I have my 4th on?
  2. SMP1 that's the main server and were all the hardcore original players live
  3. And Justin's res is there
  4. yea I thought the same thanks :) Il
    get from there :)
  5. Meh. 1 is over populated and super built up. I prefer the fringe servers.
  6. Mate np ill arrange everything and make something huge
  7. smp1 FTW!
  8. Yeas smp1 but ill be on smp5 more come to there too
  9. Or... smp not 1 =3
  10. Lol what ?
  11. come to smp2 :D we have cookies :D
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  12. Lool :) summer is coming no cookies for a while :D
  13. come to smp4, where people build gigantic bridges and tunnels, for no apparent reason! *nervous laugh*
  14. I agree with cnicholls_uk
  15. Wait! how come ? why dont we have :)
  16. I think smp2 has the best community :p
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  17. Just take a look and decide most of the moderarators and practically all of the loyal original players are on smp1, the other servers are for newbies smp1 is we're the best players live and the most dedicated players to the EMC so is smp2 really the best now?
  18. smp1 is the most popular with new players I think because it is top on the list of servers when they join.