which sells for more enchanted swords or enchanted pickaxe

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  1. there bothe made of diamond
  2. Definately pickaxes, and silk touch enchantment would be best seller, with fortune 3 running a close second :)
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  3. Pickaxes generally sell for a lot more than Swords. :)

    Too slow. :(
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  4. i hate having the same profile pic as other people -_-

  5. It was never a problem for me. :)
  6. lol crap youve been here long so ill change it lol
  7. if your talking to me, its fine, im gonna change mine soon
  8. and dont bother with armour either... i sold a full set for practically nothing :rolleyes:
  9. lol too late i like my new 1 any way
  10. lol michael