Which name do you prefer???

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by NurseSparticals, Aug 13, 2016.


Which Name Do You Prefer?

Sparticals 35 vote(s) 94.6%
Dr_Krieger1 2 vote(s) 5.4%
  1. I'm just curious to see exactly how many preferd my old name to this new one. :)
  2. Lol, the polls a bit one sided
  3. i never knew so many people liked the old name that much xD
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  4. sparticals sounds more friendly imo, nor ur a doctor.. doctor who? ^.^
  5. I think Sparticals sounds way cooler in my opinion :p
  6. Spart. Please change back
  7. The vote is really obvious, so you can change your name now. :p
  8. i am, i am lol, still got a few days before i can
  9. Dr_Krieger1 is unusually spelled, has an underscore, and has a number. Pretty inconvenient to type.

    Sparticals is easy to spell, composed of all letters, and flows nicely.

    The choice is obvious :D