Which is best Mac or Windows!

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what is better? mac or windows just as are no fancy specs

mac 9 vote(s) 36.0%
windows 16 vote(s) 64.0%
  1. which is your favorite? mac or windows just as are no fancy specs
  2. Try getting a virus on a Mac, haha.
  3. Agreed :)
  4. Where is Ubuntu?
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  5. Also look at how easy it is to buy software. "appstore"
  6. What he said :p
  7. OH NO... Anyways, I'm very fond of both, I'm typing on a windows while my mac is getting fixed. I like the simplicity of getting software and that macs don't get viruses as easily, I like my windows for, well its old I can just barely type on it.
  8. Windows is better for gaming
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  9. Mac is better for graphics and Linux is good for web browsing.

    They're all equal but I spend most of my time gaming.
  10. Macs are the BOMB
  11. No! Not this argument again! We're all gonna die!
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  12. time to unwatch and hope for the best
  13. Neither is better. It's all dependent on your primary purpose of your operating system. Windows is the jack of all trades, but master of none. Mac is good for graphics, but sub-prime in many practical aspects. Linux is good for servers or light computing.
  14. But my windows is like 4 years old and it crashed when I play mineraft.
    My grandmas mac was older than that and I could play minecraft without it crashing.
  15. Windows FTW....I mean seriously though, MACs are great, but when I comes time for serious work, Windows is the one.And is runs Minecraft faster :D