Which 70k Member Item Would You Like?

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Which would you choose?

A newer and improved God Bow 21 vote(s) 43.8%
An Icecreampig that stays small forever and drops cooked porkchops when kill named something else... 27 vote(s) 56.3%
  1. Which would you choose?
  2. A bow...plz a bow
  3. Demon decide.
  4. What zit too ya?! No, just kidding!

    Darn, I voted for the bow! I want the pig! I can breed it and make free salted pork! Mmm... :D
    Bacon should be added in minecraft. It's a popular food.
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  5. I need a bow to kill things. Sadly in the latest Mob Arena...I lost my favorite bow... :(
    Eh, I'll get another one soon.
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  6. One or the other for now.
  7. I want these and a souldbinding station that lets you soulbound 1 item for free and more for something like 1 million r each.
  8. Neither.. Although, I would love a looting 42 sword
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  9. The bow probably would be final so it would run out eventually, while the piggy stays super adorbs and stuff forever! But I would imagine that would be horrible to code..
  10. Even better… the baby pig dropps 1 rare item that has brown-red text and is named BACON!!!

    There goes the beacon market…
  11. Cinnamon Gold Armor. Level 30 enchanted armor. With protection OVER 9000.
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  12. I think I would also like a looting 100 sword-kill a pig and get 200 pork chops.
  13. image.jpg
    Fixed it for ya
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