Where's an enchantment shop?

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  1. I really need enchanted pickaxes but there are no enchant shops on SMP1? are their any on other servers?
  2. I have a few pick axes for sale at 1075. I will definently make sure to put a lot more as I expand my Enchanting business.
  3. There are on smp9.
  4. Says "The shop item is not recognised" which i'm guessing is out of stock..
  5. What kind of enchants are you looking for?
  6. I think fatandythegreat sells enchanted books on smp8
  7. I buy/sell enchant books on 3047 - smp2 ... if you resorted to using an anvil (and if i'm in stock in the books of course :p )
  8. your out of stock on ALL your eff....
  9. /v erosego

    SMP1 shop - Walk straight after spawn for the enchanted items.
  10. 10013, cheapest around yo
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  11. All out of stock.
  12. Odd, usually it's always in stock.

    If you don't get it by Monday, I have LOTS of great pickaxes that I don't need - I could sell you one.

    That is.. if you don't get what you need by then. (Which you probably will)
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  13. on smp9 there is matthewDA's and its pretty cheap. type /v 19009 and take the teleport that says enchantment shop :)
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  14. I have some enchanted stuff at 8703 on smp4. Right now it's mostly swords and bows.

    If you have special request, you can send me a message on this forum. Also, I have silk touch iron pick axes in a sale chest currently.
  15. Deathtomb8953 on Smp8 should have the Pickaxe you're looking for. Look towards spending up to 3200 rupees.
  16. 14869 has a small variety of Enchantments in their "Tools, Weapons & Armour" section. They are usually in stock, but don't have too much choice.
  17. SMP9 18252 Lots of enchanted stuff and books
  18. smp1 413 light blue floor for enchanted books if you want?
  19. Deathtomb's big shop is on smp9. And He sells just about everything.